Unique Mother's Day Gifts For Mom

Mother's Day is the one day a year when a mother deserves to be honored properly. Mother's Day got its start in ancient Greece when festivals honoring Rhea, the Mother of Gods were commonplace. Fast-forward to 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday in May to be Mother's Day to honor all mothers', not just the Mother of Gods.

Due to the many requests we have had, we are now offering several unique gift options to bestow upon that special mother in your life - from a simple charm bracelet to a personalized message in a bottle complete with a strand of fresh-water pearls.

Make this Mother's Day one to truly remember for your Mom. The Mother's Day Letter is printed on high-quality parchment paper and comes with a beautiful long-stemmed red rose.

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All mothers' can appreciate the significance of the classic red rose. Delight the woman who raised and helped shape the man or woman you are today with this beautiful gift of three spectacular, long-stemmed red roses. All of our roses are shipped fresh so mom can enjoy their beauty and to ensure their blooming period will last well beyond your typical store-bought flower.

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These stunning purple orchids will make your Mother smile on her special day. The dendrobium orchid has a sophisticated purple hue that will add elegance to any room in which it is displayed. Complete with an eight inch glass vase along with decorative diamond-colored acrylic pieces this purple orchid will last between one to two weeks for your mother to enjoy and can be delivered right to her doorstep.

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According to Aristotle, philia is one of the four ancient greek words for love - he stated: "wanting for someone what one thinks good, for his sake and not for one's own, and being inclined, so far as one can, to do such things for him."

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The perfect gift for Mother's Day! These long-stem pink roses are sold in a dozen and are sure to put a smile on that special Mom in your life.

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Put a smile on your Mom's face this Mother's Day with these beautiful long-stemmed red roses. The red rose is a symbol of love and what woman could resist these flowers as a way of saying thanks for everything your mother has done for you in your life.

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Surprise your Mom this Mother's Day with this beautiful and exotic dendrobium orchid arrangement. These dramatic, purple orchids come in a stunning glass rectangular vase that stands eight inches tall. Also included are decorative diamond-colored acrylic pieces that complete this ten piece orchid flower arrangement.

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Thank the person in your life who laughed when you were happy, calmed you when you were upset and hugged you when you were crying. It would be hard to thank your mother for everything she's done for you but you can let her know you are thinking about her with this: our message in a bottle.

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Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy had impeccable taste and style - of this everyone is in agreement upon. These emerald-colored Swarovski crystals are prong-set in an intricately patterned chain of pure sterling silver, plated in 24k gold. The earrings are gorgeous and can be paired with anything from blue jeans to formalwear. They also feature four unique marquise cut cubic zirconia stones. 1 1/4 inch high with pendant, 1/4 inch high with pendant removed.

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Jacqueline Kennedy Emerald Earrings

Remember the person who taught you what cleanliness was next to? Be sure she knows you are thinking of her first and foremost this Mother's Day with this gift set, featuring a Chrysalis bracelet and a message in a bottle printed on parchment paper and tied with red ribbon.

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Mother's Day Gift Set

This reproduction of Smithsonian's famed blue diamond has a hand cut glass center stone encircled by 16 prong-set Cubic Zirconia. Easily transitions from brooch to pendant.

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Leave her speechless with our nicest gift: our treasure chest is highlighted by a 17-inch strand of AAA grade, high-luster, fresh water pearls along with a Chrysalis bracelet and message in a bottle. You can never really thank her for all she's done, but this sentiment is a step in the right direction.

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