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Forever My Love Message In A Bottle

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Product ID: FMLMIAB23

Celebrate Your Love Story with words of love and devotion in a bottle surrounded by rose petals. Your partner is sure to appreciate the thought and effort you have put into this special anniversary celebration.

Our staff carefully places real red, pink, and white rose petals that have been specially preserved inside a glass message bottle. Red rose petals are often associated with love and passion, making them a romantic and symbolic choice for an anniversary. Pink rose petals symbolize love, gratitude, and appreciation, making them a sweet and sentimental choice for an anniversary. White rose petals - white roses symbolize purity, innocence, and true love, making them a classic and elegant choice for an anniversary.

We then swirl the bottle three times to give the perfect mixture. We then roll the fine parchment poem with a ribbon while saying some good intentions. Finally, we cork on the bottle. And casy out your Message Bottle by UPS or USPS.

Forever my love by Augustine Havlicek

My dearest love, today marks another year,
Of joy and bliss, and moments so dear.
As time goes by, our bond grows ever stronger,
And our love shines brighter, like a guiding star.

You are my life, my heart, my very being,
In your embrace, I find a warm and gentle healing.
Your love uplifts me, and gives me strength,
Together we conquer the world, at any length.
I cherish each moment we spend hand in hand,
And for the love that we both so gladly stand.
You are my sunshine, my guiding light,
Forever and always, my love, our hearts unite.
Happy Forever Day, my dearest love and friend,
Together past the very end.

This is a lovely and thoughtful gesture for your anniversary. The combination of the message in a bottle surrounded by rose petals, along with the heartfelt poem, is sure to make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

All items are insured and delivered to your home by the United Parcel Service. UPS is committed to doing "absolutely, positively" whatever it takes to deliver your item to you.

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