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This reproduction of Smithsonian's famed blue diamond has a hand cut glass center stone encircled by 16 prong-set Cubic Zirconia. Easily transitions from brooch to pendant. 1 1/2"w.


One of our top selling products, the Romeo and Juliet Lovers Chest comes with beautiful vanilla-scented rose petals.


Ever since the year 500 AD, people have been celebrating Valentine's Day by bestowing messages and flowers to the object of their wanton desire. Flash forward a millennia or so and Unique Valentine Gift presents this Love Message and Heart Box combination.


Capture the sweetness of your valentine with our real preserved pink rose safeguarded in a clear glass ornament globe. The pink blush petals will remain supple and elegant for years to come, providing a constant reminder of your love.


The Lovers' Message In A Bottle. Cupid is proud to present this can't miss gift, the Lovers' Message in a Bottle. This gift is presented in a handsome wooden treasure chest and contains our message in a bottle with a solid milk chocolate sweetheart rose from Madelaine Chocolates.


Give your sweetheart the perfect gift this Valentine's Day that truly expresses how much special they are. The Sappho Message in a Bottle comes complete with your personal love letter, wooden treasure chest, and solid milk chocolate sweetheart rose.


This eye-catching gallery print will look wonderful on your wall for years to come. Dosso's image shows Circe surrounded by birds and animals (formerly humans) reading from an inscribed tablet of magic.


Our Precious Howaito Dē or "White Day" gift comes with an Official National Cherry Blossom Ladies Pashmina scarf, one delicate cherry blossom design silk folding fan, one official hand painted National Cherry Blossom Festival ornament, a box of chocolate biscuits with a great flavor, and a traditional Japanese Love Poem.


Capture the radiance of your love with this charming blush pink handblown glass fairy ball! A remarkable handblown glass globe is created by mixing clear pink, opaque pink, and opaque white glass, which then houses a group of LED lights with an external switch and replaceable batteries. Illuminate your partners heart just as the stars light up the nights sky.


Just as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, friendship can evolve into love and a beautiful life long romance. Our Dancing Butterfly gift set captures eternal love with two real preserved scarlet roses, a beautiful multi-color metal butterfly ornament, and a very special message in a bottle, with real preserved rose pedals. This heart-felt poem is written your own very special woman. We hope our Dancing Butterfly Chest will change your relationship forever. From our family to yours, please enjoy this very special gift, and may the sentiment of this lovely poem fill the heart of your lover this Valentine's Day as it did for us.


This remarkable gem is raised sterling silver heart-shaped setting and set in a four prong. This pomegranate colored garnet stone said to help in increasing the passion and sexual drive.


Express your everlasting love with this stunning Scarlet Red Real Preserved Rose, whose rich color and soft pedals are kept safe in a clear glass globe. This beautiful gift can be hung on display by the accompanying red double satin ribbon or set out to enjoy on any flat surface.


Much like our most popular Valentine's Day item, the Antony and Cleopatra Lovers Chest comes with beautiful vanilla-scented rose petals. These fragrant rose petals will last forever and will serve as a constant reminder of your love year round.


Hearts and Roses Edition Message in a Bottle. WOW! Your special valentine will love their new Hearts and Roses Edition Sentimental Message Bottle Gift. This special treasure chest is sent with 3 milk chocolate sweetheart roses.


Much like our most popular Valentine's Day item, the Antony and Cleopatra Lovers Chest comes with beautiful vanilla-scented rose petals. These fragrant rose petals will last forever and will serve as a constant reminder of your love year round.


Cupid now is offering a less expensive, but no less heartfelt, option for the world's lovers: The I Love You Message. The Message is masterfully written and will melt the heart of your loved one. It can be personalized, too, if you so wish.


Treat the mother in your life to a unique gift this year: the Mother Goddess Gift Set. This gift set includes a personalized message in a bottle. The message, in script and printed on parchment paper, comes in a bottle filled with real long-stem pink rose petals. Along with a beautiful Chrysalis Charm Bracelet.


Show the mom in your life you're thinking about her on the holiday commemorating her achievements as a matriarch. Our Mother's Day Message in a Bottle is a glass bottle filled with real long-stem pink rose petals and a sheet of parchment paper upon which is printed a customizable personal message and tied off with a sheer red ribbon.


Diamond and Ruby Necklace. This year we are proud to offer Diamond and Ruby Necklace, our nicest gift available. You will make a very strong impression to your Valentine when they are presented with this fantastic gift.