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Carmen Lucia Ruby Earrings. These magnificent earrings are a stunning homage to the legendary 23.1 carat Burmese ruby ring.


Ever since the year 500 AD, people have been celebrating Valentine's Day by bestowing messages and flowers to the object of their wanton desire. Flash forward a millennia or so and Unique Valentine Gift presents this Love Message and Heart Box combination.


Our Precious Howaito Dē or "White Day" gift comes with an Official National Cherry Blossom Ladies Pashmina scarf, one delicate cherry blossom design silk folding fan, one official hand painted National Cherry Blossom Festival ornament, a box of chocolate biscuits with a great flavor, and a traditional Japanese Love Poem.


Semi-solid 19" premium milk chocolate rose wrapped in shaded red Italian foil, nestled in a graceful long stem with silk leaves. Individually packaged in an acetate sleeve.


the Love Letter & Chocolate Rose. Even simpler gifts carry an air of thoughtfulness if they are done correctly and in that spirit we present the Love Letter and Milk Chocolate Sweetheart Rose.


Unique Valentine Gift is pleased to offer the Floating Lovers Candle and Rose Petals gift set. Some ideas include having on the mantle when your lover comes home, having it set up in the bedroom or with the lights off in the bathroom with this being the only source of romantic light.


Aphrodisiac Love Fragrance. Our customers report an overwhelming urge for intimacy and greatly increased stamina. Both males and females can expect increased propensity towards love and improved overall mood.


the Love Charm Bracelet With Valentine Letter. A great gift for father's to give their daughter this Valentine's Day. Along with a personalized Valentine Letter this gift package comes with a beautiful Chrysalis Charm Bracelet.


the Love Charm Bracelet With Valentine Letter And Rose Petals. Chrysalis bracelets are unique combinations of silver and gemstone pieces. These bracelets been designed with love and affection by a team of English designers.


Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy had impeccable taste and style – of this everyone is in agreement upon. Jackie Kennedy thought the beauty of emeralds to be irresistible, and after the first lady wore her emerald necklace and matching earrings to the inaugural ball, she commissioned a matching bracelet. We are pleased to present an exacting replica of her emerald earrings.


Combining real, fresh rose petals with sterling silver jewelry and a Message of Love is a can't miss Valentine's gift she will treasure for years to come. Style and presentation come together in this gift to make it a memorable memento for this, the lovers' holiday.


Drying Lover Roses. The rose is one of the most important symbols in the world: the mystique of the red rose has been a source of immeasurable joy for many throughout the ages.


Cupid is proud of his latest creation: sterling silver jewelry combined with fresh rose petals placed inside a heart shaped box. Nothing compares to the ethereal scent of fresh rose petals, and when they're combined the result is a unique gift she'll never forget.


Make this Mother's Day one to truly remember for your Mom. The Mother's Day Letter is printed on high-quality parchment paper and comes with a beautiful long-stemmed red rose.


Our box of great tasting Giri Choco (obligation chocolate) biscuits are a great inexpensive gift to friends so that they don't feel left out on Valentine's Day.


Our Tomo-choco or "friend chocolates" and special gift package is youthfully designed for friends, classmates or family members. Package comes with a tasty "choco" buscuit, heart shaped candy lollipop, a special valentine character pencil set, mini pencil sharpener, and special character eraser.


Diamond and Ruby Prong Set Heart Pendant. This year we are proud to offer Diamond and Ruby Prong Set Heart Pendant, our nicest gift available.


This pewter 9" Chippendale tray is part of our "Make a Statement" line of ready-to-go gifts! Pre-engraved with the Henry David Thoreau quote "There is no remedy for love than to love more", this tray is ready to go as a wedding, anniversary, Valentine's, or anytime gift for the ones you love.


QIXI: The Chinese Valentine's Day. Symbolizing good luck, the color red used on the Chinese red envelope is used in nearly every celebration or noteworthy occurrence in many cultures in the Far East.


Sometimes the best gift is a fanciful version of an ordinary thing used every day.