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Surprise your Valentine with a set of four collectible ornaments from the Official White House Ornament Collection, starting with the 1981 Angel in Flight.


Capture the sweetness of your valentine with our real preserved pink rose safeguarded in a clear glass ornament globe. The pink blush petals will remain supple and elegant for years to come, providing a constant reminder of your love.


Bestow a symbol of divine providence against all evil who envy your love.


Celebrate love with whimsical three dimensional crafted ornament, featuring a fanciful garden of hand-painted, colorful hearts flowers alongside berries and leaves intertwine and fill each letter forming the word "Love" in fanciful font script reminiscent of the swinging 1960s.


Capture the radiance of your love with this charming blush pink handblown glass fairy ball! A remarkable handblown glass globe is created by mixing clear pink, opaque pink, and opaque white glass, which then houses a group of LED lights with an external switch and replaceable batteries. Illuminate your partners heart just as the stars light up the nights sky.


Express your everlasting love with this stunning Scarlet Red Real Preserved Rose, whose rich color and soft pedals are kept safe in a clear glass globe. This beautiful gift can be hung on display by the accompanying red double satin ribbon or set out to enjoy on any flat surface.


This White House Valentine Gift can serve as either a elegant wedding display or party gift.


the Orb of Eros. Bestow upon the object of your desire this orb of Eros. Eros is the Greek God of love; his Roman counterpart is the mythological Cupid.

$26.00 SALE PRICE $21.00

Philia "Friendship" Ball. According to Aristotle, philia is one of the four ancient greek words for love. This is a thoughtful, friendly gift that will not soon be forgotten. Hand-blown very thick glass;